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Kyung Mi

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Kyung Mi.jpeg

Passive and Rewards[edit | edit source]

Passive: Your Outfit determain your Affinity.

  • Level 2 Reward Up and Coming: Change your Outfit of your choice, and gain "Hero Active: Banish a card to change to the next Outfit.
    • Strength Outfit: Give a Strength unit in play or in your hand +1/+1 and Duelist.
    • Spirit Outfit: Give a Spirit unit in play or in your hand "When this unit attacks, draw a card".
    • Mind Outfit: Your next Mind card costs 2 less.
  • Level 7 Reward The Emperess: Your units get +1/+1, Duelist, and "When this unit attacks, draw a card". your cards cost 2 less.

Playstyle and Strategy[edit | edit source]

Background and Lore[edit | edit source]

Fashion icon Kyung Mi was perhaps the most famous citizen of Ethea, but behind the scenes she tirelessly fought to undermine the realm's tyrannical AI regime. Wanderstar, a complete technological backwater, has tested her ability to survive. A combination of wits, adaptability, and top-of-the-line cybernetics have allowed her to flourish as always, and she remains committed to her personal war against synthetic intelligences of any kind.