Heldim Dwarves

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This deck has a standard beatdown plan, but also utilizes Max Mana reduction ("taxing") for synergies with dwarves and as a form disruption.

One of the keycards in the deck is Mining Maniac. Certain deck slots are dedicated to warding up it once it's dropped. Many of the mana taxing elements in the deck are there to mitigate the drawback of setting your Max Mana to zero. So you would play Maniac followed by cards reducing Max Mana. Dwarven Foreman and Dwarven Attack Team actively want you to have low Max Mana. The Debt Collector and Arcane Parasite stack up with each other to make it harder to do big plays and answer your board effectively. Animated Armor and Eir the Valkyrie are there to provide protection for your biggest threats, preferably a Mining Maniac that's 8/8 or more.

Decklists[edit | edit source]

Tahazzar 02/23

3 Adrenaline Drones

3 Cassiel's Guard

3 Lizaboi

3 Mining Maniac

2 Tag Team Wrestler

3 Animated Armor

3 Arcane Parasite

3 Archaeopteryx

3 Friendly Axolotl

3 Terrible Drawer

3 Uppercut

3 Dwarven Foreman

2 Eir the Valkyrie

2 Mana Glutton

3 Dwarven Attack Team

3 The Debt Collector

Other notes[edit | edit source]

Strength staples:

Strength aggro staples: