Heldim Duelist

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Board control for days with some weapon synergies on the side. As with always in the case of duelist, you should be wary of dueling when you don't have the initiative.

Decklists[edit | edit source]



3 Lizaboi

3 Amatera Weaponsmith

3 Animated Armor

3 Armed Lizabo

3 Lizabo Hunter

3 The First Knight

3 Fleetfoot Warrior

3 Rising Phoenix

3 Morning Star

3 Woodcutter's Axe

3 Gladiator Mace

3 Cassiel's Guard

3 Onnabushi

3 Killpack Hunter

3 Catapult Lizabo

Deck Shell[edit | edit source]

3 Fleetfoot Warrior

2-3 Morning Star

2-3 Killpack Hunter

Other notes[edit | edit source]

Strength staples:

Strength aggro staples

Quotes[edit | edit source]

A fairly new, borderline experimental deck that has shown enough potential to be listed, Heldim duel is a very active, board control oriented deck that denies value on the board and punishes sower decks which rely on less efficient units. The units tis deck features are also notoriously difficult to kill, making pure control decks struggle for answers against the midgame swarm. Nominally a midrange deck, Heldim duel is a rarity in Collective, and with some refinement to shore up its weaknesses in the late game, particularly when it comes to late game board clears, it may have potential as a top competitive deck.
~ Collector's Net: Week 45 Meta Snapshot
*Wipes monocle* A midrange deck, in Collective!?!? The fabled unicorn has arrived, a true midrange deck which relies on heavy board domination and big scaled up units to overwhelm the opponent, this deck is extremely dominant in the early and mid game stages of the game, making it very strong against other aggro decks and decks which are heavy on board but use weak units.
~ Collector's Net: Week 45 Meta Snapshot
This deck can really put Dhat in particular very far behind early in the game, unfortunately the deck also has no late game to speak of, and Dhat happens to feature powerful late game comeback mechanisms such as Cataclysm which completely annihilates this deck, ultimately it results in an even matchup, as the Duel deck should win the early-mid game fairly reliably which puts the onus on the Dhat player to draw cards such as Cataclysm to comeback, however, which just a single card victory is so assured you can practically keep it in the mulligan and play just for this solo win condition. Decks which feature even more comeback mechanisms and unit hate such as Ashgerdy Ping and Vriktik Classic Control exacerbate these issues, and Pearlmaw Big Unit doesn't even play an early game. Forcing all of your mid sized dueling units to stare down ramped out bombs which they can do absolutely nothing to.
~ Collector's Net: Week 45 Meta Snapshot