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See Glossary for some of the more common terminology.

Current Decks[edit | edit source]

Below are the decks that are currently played/viable in Collective, last updated within a month. All lists are directly importable by copying them into your clipboard, then using the in-game import function to generate the deck.

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Outdated Decks[edit | edit source]

As Collective's meta constantly shifts, certain decks would become unviable or unplayed for one reason or another. For this reason, decks that haven't been updated for a month are listed here until a new list for them surfaces. If you have a decklist for any of the archetypes listed below, please post them in the discord!

Heldim Demons

Spider Buluc

Place Spider Buluc

Skreech Buluc

Ashgerdy Dragons

Buluc Scaling

Nightrot Vriktik

Undead Vriktik

Zakkar Copy

Party Crashers

Lizabo Heldim

Zakkar Loop