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Heldim[edit | edit source]

Lizabo Heldim

Heldim Flying

Heldim Hive Queen

Heldim Demons (Need strategy)

Buluc[edit | edit source]

Buluc Scaling

Spider Buluc

Place Spider Buluc

Buluc Return

Skreech Buluc

Buluc Vineyard Copy

Vriktik[edit | edit source]

Vriktik Actions

Vriktik Robots (Need strategy - Feathers)

Nightrot Vriktik

Vriktik Self Ping (Need strategy - Feathers)

Vriktik XP Ramp (Need strategy - Feathers)

Ashgerdy[edit | edit source]

Ashgerdy Aggro

Ashgerdy Hive Queen

Ashgerdy Ramp (Need strategy - TomSoniQ)


Ashgerdy Dragons (Need strategy - Feathers)

Legacy Decks[edit | edit source]

As Collective's card pool is constantly increasing and changing, it's inevitable that certain decks would become unplayable for a variety of reasons. Their pages are documented below.

Spicy Heldim (up to 11/30)